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Welcome to the Yachting Business Directory of Greece



Yachting Directory of Greece.com is an online directory for the Yachting industry, bringing together Boat owners, yacht charter agents, Yacht brokers and generally every one involved in Yachting and chartering in Greece.

It is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to get in touch with people involved in Yachting. You will find information on Yacht charters, boats for sale and brokers, Boat maintenance persons, Surveyors, Yacht chandlers etc.

Click on the categories on the left to search for any service within the yachting and marine industry in Greece and get connected direct.

The compiled list is human edited either by us or a member of the company mentioned on the site (we usually check every entry).

If you like to submit an entry or advertisement please do. Registration is Free for the Basic entry in one category. The Basic entry is Name, address, email and telephone numbers. For extra information and pictures there is a small charge. Please see Advertising for details.

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In Greek waters, a yacht skipper or another qualified mariner on board must have a radio operator's certificate of competence.